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Be able to Remain in Your Rochester Home Longer

With a fresh stair lift you may manage to stay in your own Rochester home for much longer, without needing to go to a fresh and unfamiliar area. It makes going up and down the stairs certainly will let you stay in the New York house you adore for years more than you normally could, and every day a pleasure action instead of a distressing one.

Potentially Bypass Life Threatening Injury

The stairs are one of the most dangerous spots at home, as well as a single fall can lead to a serious harm that will considerably hinder you for years. By preventing falling on the staircase, you can add many additional years to your life, and enjoy your family and grandkids for considerably more. Avoid breaking a hip, knee or back with a tumble down the stairway.

Make Living Every Day MuchEasier and Less Painful

With failing knees and hips, going up and down stairs could be incredibly distressing for many folks. A fresh lift makes that procedure completely pain-free, and turns something you have to do multiple times in a day rather than a debilitating one, into an enjoyable experience. A fresh lift is likely to make your everyday life much more easy.


Has the thought of having to build an additional bedroom on the first floor or move to an individual floor dwelling crossed your head?

People dwelling in Rochester neighborhoods rely on our professionals that are qualified, because we focus on correctness and safety when installing your stairlift and can fit it within a day or within a couple of hours depending on your own stairs.

Alleviating pain for the fastest growing section of the world’s citizenry is part of what makes our communities supporting.

Doctors admit that aged patients often believe that it’s, although pain doesn’t have to be a regular process of aging. Pain can interfere with your social life and can impair your day-to-day tasks. Some loved ones based on just how much pain their long-term state brought them on a daily basis and even pull away from actions. Millions of individuals suffer based on the American Pain Society and try to find relief or several of them fail to seek treatment.

By installing a stairlift in your Rochester house, you stay mobile and still can decrease your suffering.

Maybe the pain won’t go away completely and you have to get yourself to talk to your doctor about how to recover control over your life. In the meantime, every time will not fill you with stress you walk up the stairway. Seniors or those people who are challenged by mobility who sustain a fall-related injury often require life long care afterwards, or worse, totally eliminate living independently.

A stairlift will remove the fears and also the opportunities that you will aggravate your pain.

With a stairlift, you won’t have a debilitating tumble. It’s possible for you to relieve the pain that you now experience by relying on our professional technicians to get you off your feet into a stairlift that will safely carry you up and down those stairs that are menacing.

You can now pursue your daily actions with relaxation and convenience and cease the excruciating painful journey, because you deserve alternatives that can enhance your own life.

Appreciate all the time, effort and love you’ve put into your home once more.

You will wish you’d done it earlier, when you experience life with a stairlift.

For many folks dwelling in Rochester, dealing with an injury or pain or getting up a flight of stairs may become an immense chore. The psychological effects can start affecting every facet of your life and are debilitating. Individuals who have had a stairlift installed realize that they no longer have to self-restrict themselves and suffer the impacts of altering their behavior to handle the chore.

Many, who continue with no remedy, even begin to experience other detrimental health unwanted effects. These effects aren’t just related to the immobility.

For those who have found that you are not as steady on your feet or that you are modifying how you scale on your stairs, then you are already making your life more difficult than it needs to be.

Give our Rochester team a call to find out the way to experience life with a stairlift and regain control of your life with a straightforward fast option that may serve you for years!

Our Rochester staff knows how important it is to get your questions answered and is available right now to give you help and the support you are required to make an informed decision and allow you to move around again.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does health insurance cover equipment cost and installation of a lift?

Since they are dwelling modifications, not durable medical equipment, Medicare doesn't cover stairlift equipment and installation costs. Durable medical equipment comprises elevators that are accustomed to help a patient in out of bed or a chair. Medicaid in your state may cover stairlifts through Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers. In New York, individuals with limited financial resources might be qualified for the New York Medicaid COPES Waiver, recently replaced by the Community First Choice Alternative. It empowers people who supports independent living and need nursing home level care to receive that care at home, including coverage for home modifications. Family members can be compensated for supplying caregiving support. Based on the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), some private health insurance providers may offer financial assistance for some home modifications in the event the lift is considered a medical necessity. It's better to review insurance policies that are different. Some private health or long-term care insurance can help pay for small house modifications. Check with your Rochester insurance carrier to examine policy options.

2) Can you rent a stair lift for an extended period of time?

Because of individual circumstances you might be facing, you might need to rent a stairlift instead of purchase one. Maybe you'll have business for a protracted period of time which will benefit from its use, perhaps you let your house, or someone in your household has had an injury or surgery and desires it temporarily. Sometimes, depending on the medical condition, you simply can't be certain how long you'll want the stairlift and renting appears like the best option on a month-to-month basis. Rental programs frequently offer a minimum of 3 months and frequently comprise the installation and de-installation in the rental package. Some New York companies even offer rent to own programs. Nonetheless, it's vital that you take into account the expense of installation and de-installation before picking this option instead of buying a secondhand stairlift.

3) Can you apply for one of these lifts if you are on disability?

A person qualifies for Social Security disability benefits when they've worked in work that was insured by Social Security and have a health condition that meets their definition of disability. Benefits might be insured in case you are on disability or injured. Since SSI is a needs-based plan and an SSI recipient must have limited income and resources, qualifications for the Plan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS) allows a person who has a disability to achieve an occupational objective. The money that's set aside under a PASS may be used for anything that leads to an occupational objective and may be utilized to cover house modifications via an SSI savings plan. You'll find out more about PASS through your New York Social Security Administration office or call toll free 800 772 1213.

4) How fast do stairlifts go?

Usually the speed ranges from 13.78 feet per minute to 29.53 feet per minute with the speed varying with the rider's weight, all within the recommended industry standard. The most speed in america is 40 feet per minute. Units can include an emergency brake safety feature in the event you feel out of control descending. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers manages the standards for stairway chair lifts for matters of public safety, including speed under ASME A18.1.. Some makers offer a changeable speed of 0 to 38 feet per minute.

5) Can the track be shortened?

Yes. The tracks may be adjusted and also the length can be reduced. However, using the correct personal protective gear is recommended. Some producers of stairlifts supply do it yourself cutting directions. Here's the catch though. The track discovers how nicely the stairlift will run. Ensuring that you get the span of the stairs to correspond with the track length is extremely critical. Without proper measurements, you might find that the installation results in more problems instead of relying on professional installers with experience. Should the tracks cut wrong, you might have difficulty returning them depending on the return policy. We highly advise that you do not install your own stairlift or cut the track yourself. It is not so safe. An incorrect shortening of the wrong length of track or the course can prove terribly dangerous, particularly when the track is not too long. On top of the stairway or if the individual who desires the stairlift steps off of the seat short of the ground floor, they can injure themselves. It is very important that the seat and the tracks work exactly. Licensed installers worry and will save you from lots of head aches and terrible injuries are prevented by possible.

6) What types of financing are available if insurance doesn't cover home modifications?

Depending on your own medical condition, there are several programs which help make the home adjustment more affordable. 1. The Fall Prevention Center of Excellence lists government grants which are offered for home modifications. Those include: (a) the Assistive Technology Funding and Systems Change Project United Cerebral Palsy Associations (UCPA) at 800-872-5827-UCPA ; (b) the Department of Veteran Affairs at (800) 827-1000 ; and (c) the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) (800) 829-1040. 2. Contact the National Council on Independent Living Center (703) 525-3406 on ways to get financing and referral services in your area. 3. You may also contact the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) which is part of the US Department of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to make an application for a loan to pay for your stairlift through a mortgage insurance program. Call (202) 708-1112. 4. It might reassure you to know that if your insurance does not cover the cost, several of the stairlift makers have partnered with banks to provide funding options, including monthly payment alternatives and loans. 5. There are other options to think about. The Internal Revenue Service may determine that your house alteration qualifies for tax deductions. Call the IRS to determine if you're able to deduct the cost of installing your stairlift. IRS Publication 502 is a great resource that will assist you to gauge whether modifying your stairway qualifies you to deduct it as a medical expense. You may also phone them at (800) 829-1040. 6. Some Area Agency of Aging use resources from the Older Americans Act Title III to change homes, if you meet the requirements. Call the Eldercare Locator at (800) 677-1116 or visit 7. Many cities and towns use Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) for home modifications, so check with your Rochester, New York office. You can phone them toll free at 877 866 2476 or visit

7) How are they powered?

In case you've ever fought for the remote, here's another remote to add to your set. You can conserve energy by turning it off with the remote also when you are not using the stairlift. Stairlifts come in both battery-powered (D/C) and electrical (A/C) versions. One factor is whether you live in an area that experiences a great deal of power outages, as you don't want to be stranded mid-lift during a storm. (However, ask the manufacturer about the backup power system which should be included in your model.) Also, consider the cost of replacing the battery and also the life of the battery. Typically, depending on the brand, it costs $30-$160 to replace the battery or batteries , not including service. While some favor electric versions for reasons which range from battery life to some apparatus difficulties particular to battery versions, others prefer battery-powered stairlifts, since they are able to lead to lower electric bills, although the cost of the electricity to operate the stairlift has been considered negligible by the majority of manufacturers. You really do not have to plug after every use in a battery charger, because the battery version still has a wall plug to keep the battery charged. Another thing to consider is how mechanically inclined the user is, cables have to be disconnected and reconnected to add the brand new battery and because housing and the seat on some models must be removed. Request directions and see whether it is something you will want to replace yourself. We'd be very happy to help you out. Make sure there is a spark plug within several feet of the elevator, in the event you choose an electrical model. No specific outlets are required.

8) Is there any permanent damage when installing one of these lifts?

No. One of the rationales that the stairlifts are attached to the stairs is to protect your Rochester dwelling from damage related to installment. The few screws attached to the stairlifts can be handled by the treads of the stairs. The holes are not difficult to cover. The entire worth of your home will not depreciate. Should you plan on selling your home, realtors used to urge that a stairlift be removed prior to putting your house on the market, nonetheless given increased life expectancy, this is no longer the case. You transfer or may also totally remove the stairlift with no signs of installment when you want or need it.

9) How do stair lifts work?

Basically, it's like riding in your ski lift, minus the bitter cold. A safety belt keeps you securely in place plus a foot rest prevents you from hitting the steps while using the lift. Some stairlifts call/send controls on the wall near the courses for a user or you can use a remote control to send the seat in which you want it to go. Occasionally the control panel can be found on the seat arm. Become knowledgeable about the specific attributes of your unit. The lift consists of a the control system, a passenger car, a motor, and your comfy seat so that you can once more regain your freedom. Some versions rely on a belt like a conveyor belt and a rack and pinion system is used by other versions.

10) Why are they so expensive to install?

Most of all, they help you every step of the way and comprise routine maintenance. Professional setup is far more economical in the long-run when it comes to guarantee, service and long-term care as they're trained to follow safety measures and experienced at installation. The installer is getting paid to properly install your unit so that you do not face serious dangers that do result when an inexperienced person installs a stairlift and opens the manual for the first time. A Rochester professional also knows the best way to make sure that the stairlift follows fire exit demands, how to ensure that ensure that all the proper functioning characteristics are empowered, and the charger connections are operating properly to avoid serious accidents. The price you pay to have a trustworthy and trained tech ensures the longevity of your purchase as well as your security. Also, setup involves lifting a good quantity of weight. Many installations can be finished in a few hours by a professional.

11) Can a stair lift go around corners?

Yes. Although straight stairlifts are often much less expensive, curved stairlifts can be custom built to fit any staircase. Modern rail layouts can help the stairlift traveling around corners closely, comfortably, and smoothly to suit your lifestyle, leaving a lot of room for individuals to walk the stairs up and down easily.

12) Are there any good options for used or recycled lifts in my area?

Yes. Reconditioned and recycled stairlifts are accessible and are an option. Custom designed curved stairlifts are harder to resell, as the angles around the curves really must be a very close match. Otherwise, a recycled stairlift offers plenty of advantages and is inherently good simply because it's used. Many New York stairlift companies resell them used and buy stairlifts back. A used stairlift resold and may have been removed, because the man who depended on the raise improved in their condition, they moved, or the demand for it was temporary. They cost significantly less than new versions. Be sure you ask some questions, when buying a used lift. Ask about the previous owner and their weight /height requirements. Ask about the age of the used model. We recommend that you do not buy because that model is close to retirement, one which is 10 years old. You can shorten the span of tracks if required as mentioned before. Nonetheless, make sure you adhere to a very measured approach for cutting tracks, because a mistake will cost you.

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